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Innovative technology, optimal efficiency.

Barloworld Transport invests heavily in developing and employing systems and software that improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. Our user-friendly software is custom-designed around our processes, allowing us to automate entire transport operations and ensuring fleets run efficiently and cost-effectively.

Round-the-clock control centres, satellite tracking and on-board computers allow us to track, monitor and manage our fleets to maximise productivity, minimise costs and deliver real value.

Road Transport Management System

As part of our commitment to the sustainability of the transport industry in South Africa, the Barloworld Transport Group has been fully accredited by the Road Transport Management System (RTMS).

RTMS is an industry-led, voluntary self-regulation scheme that encourages all stakeholders in the road logistics value chain to implement strategies that protect the road network, improve road safety and increase productivity in the transport industry.

By setting voluntary regulation standards for the heavy vehicle industry, RTMS has:

  • Reduced vehicle overloading
  • Prevented road damage
  • Enhanced the safety of heavy vehicles on our roads
  • Promoted truck drivers' health through wellness initiatives
  • Improved efficiencies in various industry supply chains
  • Promoted a road safety mind set within road transport companies

Performance Based System

Our Timber24 brand was the first to introduce Performance Based System (PBS) combinations, which revolutionised the local transportation of timber.

The PBS units allow for an additional nine tonnes to be carried - legally - per load, improving transport efficiencies and reducing costs. PBS trucks have since been introduced into other specialist areas of our business.

Also known as Smart Trucks, PBS vehicles provide improved stability, reduce the number of vehicle trips, require fewer trucks on the road, improve transport productivity, reduce carbon emissions and significantly reduce road wear. They are typically longer and carry heavier loads than other trucks, however still within the allowable mass per axle, and are therefore limited to travelling on certain roads.

Our Smart Trucks operate with special permits from the Department of Transport.

Business at the speed of max

At Barloworld Transport we recognise that the flow of reliable information is a critical component of the supply chain, which is why we invest heavily in innovation and information technology.

Central to our operations is our enterprise software platform MAX, a real-time internet-based operating platform that fuels the management of information in our business and provides bottom line benefits to our clients.

  • Digital access to entire paper chain

  • Transparent information flow

  • Automation

  • Secure track and trace

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Customised data preferences

  • Stable, web-based platform

On track and on time

The Barloworld group makes use of vehicle telematics - a combination of GPS technology, computers and mobile devices - to monitor the location, movement, status and behaviour of our fleet. Our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking, on-board computers and application-specific recovery devices.

Using in-cab cameras and cell phone communication we are able to stay in contact with our drivers and vehicles at all times, no matter where they are. By monitoring driver behaviour and on-road risk we ensure outstanding fleet safety, productivity and client service.